Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Save the Date..for Another Day

Being an avid reader, I review books for BookSneeze. It is a blogger review's website where we can recieve free books, just to post our honest thoughts about any of the offered books BookSneeze has to offer.

The review below,for " Save the Date " by Jenny B. Jones, was an ok book,though it was not quite what I expected it to be. I was, well, a little disappointed .. But, it was one of those books young women would love to read, and it was Christian fiction which says alot for the clean content within the pages. Here is my review:

Save the Date, by Jenny B. Jones , was one that I was a bit disappointed in. Not that it was a bad read, because it wasn't, but it was just a tad bit to girly girl for my reading taste.. The story, a bit predictable, but with a positive ending I will say. The front cover drew me in, with it's colorful, and simple but beautifully design..

For those readers who wanted substance in the story, this was not really that type, but "Save the Date" was a book that intermingled joy, and sorrow, laughter and pain - all reminiscent of lives many people live in real life.
In the story of Lucy, and Alex, a former NFL player out to make his presence known in Congress, Lucy and Alex devised a plan that would meet each of their needs. He has the money to fund " Saving Grace" the residential home that Lucy operates, and she can give him a " life" that shows him in a better light in his bid for Congress.

One thing that did stand out to me, and that surprised me, not having read any of the books by this author, was how easily she wrote that drew me into the lives of the characters. It was as if I could have stepped into the pages of the book, and become friends with Lucy, as well as Alex, and every one else who was written into the story line.
Would I read this book again? Probably no. Would I suggest it to other readers? Probably so, but to young women , rather than mature adults.. It just was a little to " cutesy " for my reading.

I reviewed this book , in all honesty, as part of the Thomas Nelson, " Booksneeze" bloggers program. I do not have to post it as a great book, or even a lousy book.. Just an honest review, which I have done.

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Michelle said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your honest review.
Not sure if I'd want to read it.
I'm really not into `cutesy`