Saturday, June 11, 2011

Plain Wisdom.. A book Review

I found the book, "Plain Wisdom" to be a wonderful bit of insight into Old World Amish life versus the Englischer life . I felt like I was taken back to life's basics, including homemaking, homeschooling, and other areas of life that women today are interested in, even today.

Plain Wisdom, by Cindy Woodsmall and Miriam FLaud turned out to be a very simple read for me. I enjoyed getting to know both the authors ,as well the Amish way of life thru the pages of this book .
Miriam is " Old Order Amish "while Cindy is an Englischer . I think the success of this book is key to how they've enjoyed a close friendship for a number of years. Their lives, though different in beliefs, and customs are drawn into the readers heart as they deal with the same topics we all face in life, though they are handled differently. The same cares of life, the same worries, the same joys - but because of two customs, they are experienced in a different ' flavor' in the respective lifestyles.
Each chapter deals with an individual topic and both Cindy and Miriam wrote their own thoughts about the topics. This book is well written ,and gives good, solid advice, plus the unexpected thrill for me in yummy sounding recipes. A book that anyone would find helpful.

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