Monday, March 5, 2012

Dawn Comes Early

Dawn Comes Early is a Brides of Last Chance Novel written by Margaret Brownley.
The story line involves Kate Tenney, the main character of the book who heads to the Arizona Territory from Boston, specifically, a large cattle ranch , after being dropped by her publisher for a banned novel that was just a tad bit "naughty".

That experience had left her disgraced in the eyes of those that she worked with, as well as a line of failed romances, for which she has decided she would never , ever be married.
Answering the ad to be “heiress” to a cattle ranch in the Arizona Territory, Kate hopes ranching turns out to be just as she wrote in her latest novel which brought her to the place where she meets, Luke Adams, whose presence stirs within Kate, feelings that she had tried to not feel - baring in mind, failed romances which she had tried to steer away from again.

Kate drew me in, as her spirit and determination to learn how to be a rancher was both bringing to light of what a spit fire she was in the story line, but also how she reminded me of myself in many ways , trying to accomplish new things that I didn't know I could do. Kate didn't give up learning about the running of a ranch, which she had no idea what it would entail, and when things seemed insurmountable, she dug her boots in, and continued on with reaching the goal, with surprises along the way - new feelings unleashed for Luke, and new dreams that seemed to break free from within her heart.
In my reviewing for Booksneeze, I have found some of the books, fact, or fiction to be either a little lightweight on the " Christian" themes , while others are so blatant " in your face, Bible thumping " that all I wanted to do is not finish reading.

Yet , "Dawn Comes Early " really wasn’t like either of those scenarios. Yes, there is religion there in the story line, but it is refreshing, and to me, thought provoking as I saw Kate in my own eyes, and could see a little of how she was changing, just from the experiences she was dealing with on the ranch.

I found this book to be quite enjoyable, at times bursting a bubble of laughter out of me,javascript:void(0) just thru her stubbornness, and the comments from one of the other characters whose " countrified terminology" really hits home, given that I live in the mountains where being a red neck doesn't mean being sunburned..

Would I recommend this book to other readers? Most certainly.. Laughter, excitement, romance, and thoughts about Jesus all wrapped up between two covers that catches the eye with soft, yet subtle colors of a ranch in the background .
I reviewed this book, for Booksneeze, for my honest reviews..