Friday, July 22, 2011

Fatal Judgement..

Fatal Judgment is book one in the " Guardians of Justice " series from author, Irene Hannon. I have read one other from the author, and found it quite enjoyable, and suspenceful, and was hoping this was of the same caliber as her other one.

Fatal Judegement has plenty of drama, action and some romance thrown into the mix, and to some readers of her books, my opinion, though not all bad, is that it seemed a little predictory in knowing what was to come.. Her style of writing is engaging, yes, but I had found it to be almost TOO similar in the outcome of the book.

In Fatal Judgement, Jake Taylor, who is a U.S. Marshal, found himself assigned to protect a federal judgenamed, Liz Michaels. Liz , in the story , happened to be the widow of one of Jake's college good friends. And into reading the book, Liz's sister, we find out was murdered at Liz's house, and the police believe Liz may have been the actual target.

This book is turned into a very good read, with a combination of suspense with the murder investigation, as well as romance with the feelings that began to evolve with Jake and Liz. The murder details were not so graphic that readers who are squirmish about ' crime stories ' would shy away from finishing the book, and the romance isn't too sickening sweet, which does turn me away from most reading material. The Christian faith was, and is not preachy at all, in fact..even non Christians, in my thinking , would like this authors writing style.
A very good read... I recommend it, and though not required to post a postive review for,
I give this a thumbs up, because it was a captivating story line.

No Safe Haven.. A book Review

"No Safe Haven," the first novel by mother/daughter writing team Kimberley and Kayla Woodhouse.

It is a work of christian fiction, but to me, an avid reader of suspence, I can easily see this book, and it's story line , turning into a movie worthy of the best suspence shown on screens today. Captivating, exciting, a bit sad in the fact that 12 year old , suffers from a medical condition so rare that not much is known about its someimes " deadly" outcome.

The story line takes Andie, and her mom, Jenna, and a pilot of a small plane on a collision course straight into an Alaskan mountainside, where people are waiting to kill them for reasons unknown until you dive further into the book.

Without radio or flight communication, they are unaware of a winter storm heading their way, and so the survival that is needed means trusting in Cole, stranger who was a late arriver on board the small plane, piloted by Hank, Jenna's late husbands, soldier friend, who ended up being no friend at all.

Exciting read, especially from a new mother/ daughter team .. Looking forward to possible more books from the Woodhouse gals, at least thats my hope -
I am not obligated to post a positive review, just an honest one per the website rules.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Stand Up! and Swing your way into Big Band Praise!

Out of the blue a few weeks ago , I recieved in my email box , a request sent from someone I did not know. At first I was going to delete it, as I usually do with email I am not sure about.. But for some reason, I did not do that, and I opened and read..

OK.. so it was from someone asking me to write a review on one of two CD selections that were availiable.. After reading about the two, I chose to review the music DC project called, " Stand UP - Big Band Praise".. As i read the email from the one to share it with me, I was hesitant about the Big Band Praise part.. I am not a huge big band era follower to be honest.

But Oh how I was surprised in listening as it arrived to my home not more than a week later. I first looked at some of the song choices below, and decided that it might be an interesting musical project to listen to.. and it was, yes, a pleasant surprised as I listened not only once, but twice in the very same day.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee
Hosanna ( Praise is Rising )
What a Friend we have in Jesus
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
Stand up, Stand Up for Jesus

From the very first song, " Just a Closer Walk ", I could not help but move .. It was if every fiber of my being was taken on a culinary musical ride as the promised " Big Band" swing took me right away to a place of wanting to praise in dance.

So with toes wiggling, body wiggling,and voice warbling ( not such a good singer :-( ) I sang along to the new, and the old praise songs of all time that were included in this CD project...

With every song, a different part of the big band musical instrumentation, from horns to other instruments all just seemed to flow nicely from song to song. Nothing seemed predictable to me in listening . It all was as if each song had it's own swing band orchestra, yet , in all the different types of songs that we all might know, and love, each performance was as if it was its very own Big Band leader. It was, and is a CD project that I am hoping there will be MORE OF..

I highly enjoyed this .. and for to recieve it free , just for listening to it from the comfort of my own home, and now permenant place in the car, I am most grateful that I have it in my repotoire of " fine Praise Music"..