Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Corruptible..a Book

Mark Mynheir, the author of a free blogging for books reading selection, titled," The Corruptible"
blew me away as I have just finished reading the entire 340 page read. It not only kept me glued to my chair, but it kept me wondering, " whats next" in this second " Ray Quinn" mystery.

Ray Quinn, an ex homicide cop, turned Private detective, along with " Crevis", his partner, set out to look for another ex - cop , who also changed jobs, but this time as a security officer who bolted with very important ( and sensitive ! ) information.

While this book is not a book of comedy, I found myself , for some reason chuckling at the characters that Mynheir created to fill these pages.. Each one , I found endearing, charming,and exciting in their own roles within the cover of the book.

For the ex cop, Ray Quinn, a man who turned to " drink" to cure his woes, his fictionalized role seemed to grab my haert strings, as I soon began to see him as a " friend" whom I could relate to in his quest for finding the bad guy, Logan ramsey - the dirty cop we all hear about in other books of crime fiction.

I saw ,however, how the author used hard times that some sadly, find as an escape, ( Quinn's drinking problem )to weave a story of fiction, with that , but taking it to a new level in this well written ( and CLEAN ) " who dunnit" ,as the reader could envision hope, and redemption at the end of the journey.

A story WELL worth the read, as it will make you chuckle ( or at least it did me! ), make you find yourself cheering on the characters so well defined, that you will count them as your dearest friends.. Would I recommend this book, AND this author? Most certainly. I didn't realize that I have read Mark Mynheir before.. His writing is not completely different in style , as the one I read , but he carries some of the same powerful character definitions from book to book - meaning, he has the ability to draw you into the story, without realizing you are " there" ...

I recieved this books, free of charge, as a participant in the Blogging for Books, free Blogging program. I am not under any guidelines to write only positive reviews.

Monday, May 2, 2011

brick -layer? or Bricoleur? that is the question..

"bricoleur" (pronounced brik uh leyr), one who evolves the meaning of things by reinterpreting them in the context of one’s life story.