Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Quilting Ranny is running again!

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Be sure to tell her I sent you, to, if you will, and want.. Shes my friend :-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Covering..

One of the central characters in the book, " The Covering" by author, Dana Pratola,
"Gunnar " comes across as a manly man, who takes on his personal problems with the help of Tessa, who I found a very down to earth, sincere and realistic personality in this very well written book.

The characters were easy to relate to, as was the situation from which the story is derived. The writing style, as I began reading was spell binding, more so in this book than many I have read recently. I found it easy to want to hurry up and read the next page, the next chapter, as each of the characters tugged at my heart, for their pain or for their strength.
In my experience, reading,it was hard to put down as I began to be drawn into the story line, as It shared the love, mercy and character of Jesus Christ without being too " in your face" or " preachy/churchy".

In the story, Gunnar and Tessa reach out to a pastor (Bob), for help much like ones I have known myself. Gunnar's hard life, his tatto's, and biker mentality that many in society might shy from ,seeks out answers to his troubled past - all because of Tessa, who for some reason is not afraid of he, or his past.. She devotes herself to having his back, as the saying goes, and she walks with Gunnar to the most important place that is availaible- to God. Gunnars heart, as Tessa seems to see it, is beautiful, gentle, and she embraces Gunnar, just as he is, much like the Lord embraces us - just as we are.

This book is a keeper.. its also a book I HIGHLY recommend to be passed onto others in life that could benefit from both a good read, and a powerful read - but more importantly, a book that will tug at your heart strings, without it being sappy.. Its a book of complete gentleness, and compassion, while encouraging one to see others outside the box, rather than whats on the outer skin - thus tattoo's, earrings, ect..
Looking forward to reading more of Dana Pratola's writing - very , very good at her craft!

The Encounter..

As part of the Booksneeze blogging program, I receive
books of my choosing from their list of availiable titles.. Upon reading the choice I make, I write a review, that can be positive, or negative, as long as it is my honest review of each book.

I have just finished reading,
" The Encounter" by author, Stephen Arterburn, the host of New Live Live, a radio/ television program broadcast all over the country.
I have read other books, in passing from this author, and because of gleaning much encouragement from Mr. Arterburn's other books, I thought this one would be something similar, in his style of writing about such an important topic - Adoption.. Though written in the genre of fiction, I was excited to begin reading when it arrived in my mailbox.

Unfortunatly, I was a bit disappointed in the simplicity of the writing style he used. Thinking of such a personal experience, though fiction,to me the writing lacked the authenticity of a CEO of a successful company going to Alaska in order to seek answers to the questions of his adoption. I didn't get the emotional impact of various emotions I think would come up - rage, anger, sadness,or most importantly, the feeling of abandonment, and rejection that friends of mine who have been adopted have told me they have felt in their own lives.

I do see strength in this story however, as the message I got from his journey was the ability to see God, and His forgiveness while also acknowledging there is healing for those whose lives have been challenged as the character Jonathan Rush's had been.

The book was an easy book to read, although by the middle of reading it, it became almost predictable in the outcome .. I felt disappointed in that I could guess without a problem what was going to be the ending, but because I wanted to know how it ended from the author's mindset, I continued on to complete the read.
I especially appreciated the end of the book discussion/ questions for readers to use as possibly a personal study , or even a bible study for those who have walked in adoption journeys. The thoughts of the author shared in the contemplative questions reflected to me his professionalism in his line of work/ ministry - which, to me made his authenticity more credible in this fiction piece..

I would recommend it for a simple read, and a quick read - I don't think it is a powerful read, however - more along the lines of emotional tug of heart for those that might fall into the experience of being adopted.

I received this book from,as part of their blogging for books program. I gave my honest review as encouraged, neither having to be positive or negative..