Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Star is Born...

A friend of mine, whose name is Charisma , lives in Ephrata, Washington.. She belongs to a quilt group that I also belong to, and she has just the most incredible gift to make a quilt top into one of exquisite beauty..

This photo of a quilt was not created by me, nor do I know whose it is, other than she is also part of the quilting group. She sent it to be machine quilted on Charisma's long arm machine, and man, is it ever beautiful!! I just wanted to show what my friend can do for those who need machine quilting done. She lives in Ephrata, yes, but she has people from all over the US that send her their beloved quilts to be quilted.. She is a very , very special lady, and also a strong believer in Jesus.. which in my book, makes her so very awesome!! Just love reading email
messages from her, because she just encourages me in the Lord so very much!!

1 comment:

Charisma said...

That is incredibly SWEET of you to say those beautiful things about me! You are just as encouraging my dear!