Saturday, February 5, 2011

" An Amish Love"

A Travel Back in Time..

Living along the Oregon Trail, here in north eastern Oregon, I often see the ruts of old wagon trail from when settlers came this way to Oregon. Running through my town, it is a culinary delight to dream about the Oregon trail, and those that journied this direction.

In recieving a chosen book from, who only asks that I give an honest review, I was taken on another sort of historical journey as I read the book, " An Amish Love", by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Long..

This book, with it's simple, but descriptive cover, caught my attention with the " kapp" , othewise known as a prayer covering or cap".. It is a word, in the historical sense of the Amish language,which many words we "Englisch", or " non-Amish person" might not speak, or even understand.
Yet, in the preface of the book, are words with their definition to help the reader as you go along in each chapter, and story. I found that most helpful as I read thru these stories compiled in "An Amish Love".

I am not one on reading much in the line of Amish history, yet this book of fiction was more than just a book to read.I found it enjoyable, captivating, and most of all , especially in the first of the three stories, a " REAL" and engaging story line where I was kept in wonderment as to how it would end..

I can say the other two stories were good, kept interest, and for the most part, stories of that time period that I would have commended anyone who traveled those time periods, for a job well done in spite of circumstances..

I do recommend this 3 story book of fiction to those who want a simple, yet heart captivating read.

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