Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Quilting Ranny is running again!

I have a great giveaway blogsite that a friend in Washington state is doing for the holidays.. If you go to , you will see Jean's amazing holiday giveaway prizes.. I know from past experience, as a randomly drawn winner, the prize I won ( AMAZING FABRICS ) blessed me like none other. This holiday giveaway Jean's got even more goodies, and I know you'd be blessed to win one of them as well if you hurry over to her blog.. So do a hop, skip, and jump to Jean's site, to leave "Quilting Ranny" a comment, become a follower on her blog, twitter or facebook , and get your name put in a drawing for 4 amazing prizes, and because shes such a special lady, a few more prizes at her whim..

Be sure to tell her I sent you, to, if you will, and want.. Shes my friend :-)

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