Saturday, January 14, 2012

Daily Gifts of Grace

As part of the Booksneeze program, to receive, and read books free, sometimes the hard part comes in writing an honest review of those books. Sometimes the stories, whether fiction, or not seem convoluted, scattered, and sometimes, just plain boring. I've read a few that fall into all those categories..
This book review , "Daily Gifts of Grace " ,

was a book that , though pretty, and gift oriented, fell VERY flat on the scale of a devotional book, as it is labeled.
I was saddened by some of the well meaning journal entries from many of the " Women of Faith" speakers, that the womens movement right now hear from. Some of these women, whose names are synomous with faith, seemed to have words that were so " of this world" , so " fluffy and happy " , that I could not wait to put the book aside, not to open it again. Faith is not about the happy go lucky world that some of these women seemed to talk about. Life sucks, as my friend says, Sucks eggs,. Even our faith, as God calls us to live, is not about feeling good, or having nice and pleasant experiences - yet, many of these daily entries for the year 2012 seemed to lead the reader into that feel good movement - and that is so deceptive, and so very disheartening.

"Daily Gifts of Grace", a book I received to review, and keep, was a book I have mixed emotion about, as I have read only half the book. Various Christian woman, such as Sandi Patty, Lisa Whelchel, Joni Eaarekson Tada, and Sheila Walsh among others, were good to share thoughts on matters that attempted to bring thought to a daily time of reflection as life presented itself thru their eyes.

Granted, some of these woman, from the often talked about " Women of Faith" movement, seem much more focused on what Faith is to their lives, while others seemed in this devotional book, more focused on the feel good, be happy movement that , truth be said, was pretty obvious in some of the daily writing.
The book starts with a scripture, but then the very short, and often times , very simplistic, and very worldly thoughts from some of the women, did not capture my interest , or my need to continue to read daily devotions from this " pretty" designed hardback book.

Yes, as a feel good book for a gift to a friend who is not into " religion", this would possibly fit that bill, as it is nothing more, in my opinion, than words shared on paper , where as other devotional books I have read, really provide the " meat and potato" meal that biblical thoughts, and experiences influenced from true believers have shared. This book falls short from that very " meal "..

Just going on what my spirit sensed as I read, there does not seem to be any active faith demonstrated in some of these woman's lives as they penned their thoughts, and experiences. Though there are a few very touching, and real scenarios that do bring up faith, and how God has moved in the lives of those writing as if Christ was directing their hand, most felt " put on " for the sake of a good read, and not words to uplift, or encourage others in their faith journey. I did not find myself even remotely interested in seeking God daily as I read about a quarter of the submitted daily thoughts.

As I have thought, would I buy this book, though colorful, and eye catching, knowing that many of the thoughts were to worldly, seemingly without a real commitment other than by word only, I can't say I would even think about purchasing it for myself, and probably not even as a gift.

Devotionals to me are what makes me get up in the morning, or go to bed at night, with thought in mind of how my faith can become stronger, and more meaningful to others whom I know. This is not that kind of book, sadly.. I closed the cover, and honestly, haven't had the desire to continue to read each daily offering for the 2012 new year..
I am not obligated to write a positive review of this book, or any others from the Booksneeze / Thomas Nelson reader program.

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