Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Sequin Bible, all Dolled up.

" The Sequin Bible " ,in the Childrens International version, was one that captured my eye with its pre-teen "girly-girl" cover, and jewels on the front. From baubles of bead work, and designs creating flowers, and heart shapes, they sparkle, and shimmer, I immediatly thought of little girls from maybe 10 years of age, and on up to maybe the teen years. It was not the ordinary black, or other color of the Bible, which for young people would be something not really conversation worthy. Yet, the Sequin Bible, in bold colors of pinks, and other beading, speaks the language of little girls..
I am sure this Bible would bring them into an easy conversation about " where'd ya' get your bible! which for children, would be amazing way to get them involved in reading God's Word "...

I found, as soon as I opened the cute pink box it arrived in, that I would not necessarily want to keep reading it - not because it was to complicated for a young person, but honestly, because the smell assaulted me right off. I will say my nose wrinkled in the confusing scent , whether it would be normally like this, all the time - or if it was because it was new, and the smell of the fabric cover was not worn off. I do know, if I had to purchase The Sequin Bible, as it was, I would not, especially if it were to be a gift for a young person.
I did like however, the print, not to large, and not to small. I liked the easy reading, and the size , although maybe for the smaller girl, 8 years of age or so, it might be a little " large" to carry around. But for a great conversation piece, it would be perfect for those little girl slumber parties where anything girly would be the focus.

I recieved this The Sequin Bible, ( in Pink ) free from Thomas Nelson, Publising, as part of the Book Sneeze blogging program. I gave my honest review in participation.


Crissy said...

Thanks for sharing this! I bought it for my daughter's bday! They have 2 more for older folks that I am buying for my nieces!!!

karen said...

Hope she likes it.. its all girly girl, for sure..remind your little one to put on Jesus, when she is old enough to wear His Jewels.