Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life,In Spite of Me

In readng various genres of reading, I have not come across one as powerfully written, in an honest and forthright way, as the book,"Life ,In Spite of Me", by Kristen Jane Anderson ( and Tricia Goyer) ..

Life,for Kristen, as a 17 year old teen, was anything but normal. Having lost 3 friends, to suicide, or accidents, she herself fell into depression so heavy, and painful that she herself, laid down on train tracks to end her life. Needless to say, " God had other plans " for this brave, and courageous young woman.

As Kristen recuperated from her devastating injuries, she found the will, and the Hope to continue on in her life. Undergoing mental health treatment, with two very different doctors, she understood the need for knowing God in her life, in order to see light, instead of the deep blackness of despair. She found God in that search, and as the book which so powerfully demonstrates, in her quest to finding and recieving hope, she ministers in little notes written throughout the book, snippets of encouraging truth to those who read this honest, but straight forward true story.

Life is not about being fair, but it is about finding real lessons of faith, and strength in life in the unfairness of situations that come up as you read . From being raped as a young teen, to the deaths of Kristen Anderson's friends, life was not about being fair, as it was about being real. And with real, and candid way of communicating to readers, Kristen points the way to healing, and to getting on with Life now as she ministers to groups, and individuals at how they , too, can find hope in the darkness that she once experiences.
I hightly, HIGHLY, recommend this book - for those who face such despair. I highly recommend this book , for those that need a reminder that even in the darkness, there is God waiting to surround those in pain, and depression.

I recieved this book free to read, for my honest review from christianreviewofbooks.com.

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