Monday, March 21, 2011

Building a Cabin, log by log..

A friend of mine in Texas saw some of my quilt photos, and as we were talking about them, she made the comment about them being pretty. Now, if you have read the post I did about the Drive By Quilting with Ricky Tims a week or two ago, you know my " quilters self esteem " is sorely lacking at times.. So when I just blurted out to Lisa that I would love to make her/ her hubby a quilt, it just seemed so spontaneous , and I grew excited. Yes, a little hesitant at what I could do for their bed - later finding it to be KING sized bed. ( oh my!).. Anyway, the more she looked at my photos, the more I started wondering what am I going to make with what scraps I have here.. Came right down to it, I would do a Log Cabin quilt.. Simple.. not to.. I am directionally challenged with the whole 90 degree thing unless I am paying close attention to where I need to turn the fabric.. But, hey, doing pretty well, because I have a total of 5 already done today.. not bad for me at all!

Heres the first photo of the first log thats building a Home for Lisa, and her hubby Jeff... I will take a photo along the way possibly so you can see how scraps of fabric can build a home..

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