Friday, March 18, 2011

What?? Eat my Peas?

As a kid, I hated peas.. I heard " EAT YOUR PEAS" more often than I ever thought I would want to. Then my kids came along, and I heard myself saying, " Eat Your Peas ".. more often than they wanted to.

This short, and very delightful book, " a 3-minute forever book ", called " Eat Your Peas - Faithfully - Simple truths and Happy insights " with words written by Cheryl Karpen ,

really just brings out the best of a smile on a day that needs a pick me up.. This book, with close to 40 pages, is written in gentle, flowing typography, with brief, but poweful insights,and bible verses scattered on various pages.
This book helps to move someone from a doldrum sort of day, into a day where it's easier to see that " peas" are the better part of a dreary day, which when reading it in one sitting, gave me a pick me up simply by the gentle colors on the pages.

From the front cover, with its scroll work centered around the tiltle , to the inside pages, sprinkled with inspirational thoughts, a feeling good book is what you will find. Great for a special pick me up book for someone needing encouragement, or even a good , sit down book if you need a break from those dreaded " dreary days" where nothing seems to bring out a smile..

I recieved this book free from Thomas Nelson, Publising, as part of the Book Sneeze blogging program. I gave my honest review in participation.

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