Friday, July 22, 2011

No Safe Haven.. A book Review

"No Safe Haven," the first novel by mother/daughter writing team Kimberley and Kayla Woodhouse.

It is a work of christian fiction, but to me, an avid reader of suspence, I can easily see this book, and it's story line , turning into a movie worthy of the best suspence shown on screens today. Captivating, exciting, a bit sad in the fact that 12 year old , suffers from a medical condition so rare that not much is known about its someimes " deadly" outcome.

The story line takes Andie, and her mom, Jenna, and a pilot of a small plane on a collision course straight into an Alaskan mountainside, where people are waiting to kill them for reasons unknown until you dive further into the book.

Without radio or flight communication, they are unaware of a winter storm heading their way, and so the survival that is needed means trusting in Cole, stranger who was a late arriver on board the small plane, piloted by Hank, Jenna's late husbands, soldier friend, who ended up being no friend at all.

Exciting read, especially from a new mother/ daughter team .. Looking forward to possible more books from the Woodhouse gals, at least thats my hope -
I am not obligated to post a positive review, just an honest one per the website rules.

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