Friday, July 1, 2011

Stand Up! and Swing your way into Big Band Praise!

Out of the blue a few weeks ago , I recieved in my email box , a request sent from someone I did not know. At first I was going to delete it, as I usually do with email I am not sure about.. But for some reason, I did not do that, and I opened and read..

OK.. so it was from someone asking me to write a review on one of two CD selections that were availiable.. After reading about the two, I chose to review the music DC project called, " Stand UP - Big Band Praise".. As i read the email from the one to share it with me, I was hesitant about the Big Band Praise part.. I am not a huge big band era follower to be honest.

But Oh how I was surprised in listening as it arrived to my home not more than a week later. I first looked at some of the song choices below, and decided that it might be an interesting musical project to listen to.. and it was, yes, a pleasant surprised as I listened not only once, but twice in the very same day.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee
Hosanna ( Praise is Rising )
What a Friend we have in Jesus
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
Stand up, Stand Up for Jesus

From the very first song, " Just a Closer Walk ", I could not help but move .. It was if every fiber of my being was taken on a culinary musical ride as the promised " Big Band" swing took me right away to a place of wanting to praise in dance.

So with toes wiggling, body wiggling,and voice warbling ( not such a good singer :-( ) I sang along to the new, and the old praise songs of all time that were included in this CD project...

With every song, a different part of the big band musical instrumentation, from horns to other instruments all just seemed to flow nicely from song to song. Nothing seemed predictable to me in listening . It all was as if each song had it's own swing band orchestra, yet , in all the different types of songs that we all might know, and love, each performance was as if it was its very own Big Band leader. It was, and is a CD project that I am hoping there will be MORE OF..

I highly enjoyed this .. and for to recieve it free , just for listening to it from the comfort of my own home, and now permenant place in the car, I am most grateful that I have it in my repotoire of " fine Praise Music"..

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