Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Broken Perfection..A Stained Glass Aproach

In her latest book, Stained Glass Hearts, Patsy Clairmont shares the brokenness that has touched her life. Her sharing her own pain, though not in detail of various experiences, led me to find some glimpse of sunlight in my own struggles personally , for such a time as this.
I found it to be a book that took me, as a creative type, to places of exploration as I began seeing God's creation through music, art, and other forms of creativity.
As the subtitle caught my eye with this thought, " Seeing Life froma Broken Perspective", I felt that this book would touch on many things that most , or all of us, at one time or another, could relate to - being broken, wounded, or in pain.
Ms Clairmont takes her readers into her world of both struggles that she has felt, and experienced , while at the same time in each chapter ending, into the world of a better space - one filled with a perspective of joy in music, words of inspiration from the Word of God, artistry from different avenues of color, and inspiration that takes the sting out of life's sometimes, hardest journey.
This book , if you just give a passing glance to the title, and subtitle, would lead one to think it is a book of self help. That is what I first thought, and would have put it out of my mind, thinking " just another self help guru's interpretation of life".. However, reading the first few pages, and allowing myself to think outside the box, I began seeing in my own understanding of being broken, that there is joy in the outcome, and the outing of personal pain that we all feel inside..
Ms Clairmont takes us on a journey of her own experiences, and though they are not like mine, I found myself relating in many ways, and for that very fact, I am thankful I did not put the book aside when choosing it to review.
Would I share this book as a journey to encourage another friend, in their time of brokenness? No.. because it wasn't a book that I see is useful for helping.. It is more a book, in my humble opinion, to bless those who are in the healing process , as they begin to see joy in the experiences that being broken and beautiful , provide..
Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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