Friday, September 30, 2011

Scrappy Happy Heart..a Friendship in the making..

A dear friend of mine loves dragonfly's.. she has MANY dragonfly's all over her house, her office, and I would suspect, in her dreams.. she simply loves, loves, loves those flittery ( is that a word? lol ) little creatures that make me smile in thinking about them.

I decided to do what my passion calls, and that was to make Jenn a quilt, because that is my passion. I might not be THAT good at it, yet, or proficient at making perfect seams, and mitred corners, but one thing I am good at is loving to create out of scraps for someone special.. even if I have not met them in person, or if they are recipients of quilts for donations which I have done to various organizations.

Jenn, well she is my very DEAR friend, whom I laugh with sometimes, vent to sometimes, threaten a tear with,sometimes.. She is one that relates to me, and I relate to her.. She is my friend whose presence in my life has greatly encouraged me every time we talk..

This quilt is for her

She loves blues, greens, and I love purple, so using my favorite way of cleaning house, I did it in a scrappy technique.. I had an old flannel sheet with a hole in it, and cut that up into squares to use as my foundation block. I then turned a pretty shade of " green" as I went thru my scrap basket , pulling out all the shades that eventually made up this strip quilt. I hope she likes it.. well I know she does, since I already showed her a photo of it. lol.. good thing too, because I am not wanting to re-clean my sewing room by her giving back all those pretty little scraps making up the colorful blocks. Shes my friend, yes, but I don't want her scraps!