Friday, September 30, 2011

Doing Well at Being Sick.. A book review

In reading the book, " Doing Well at Being Sick: Living with Chronic and Acute Illness", the author, Wendy Wallace , hit on topics that hit close to home , both medically, and emotionally in my own journey of living with physical hardship.
Questions that I have had many times , about how my day to day struggles with health issues can allow me to do things that bring me joy, and fun - when knowing that some days I am so wiped out, I can't do anything but bring frustration to those I might disappoint.
Wendy Wallace writes , from her own struggles, which are MANY, of what to do with that guilt that comes when having to disappoint, or burdening her own loved ones. This topic/ question is one that ANY who live with chronic illness of any kind, whether it is physical or emotional in nature can fully say " I feel that guilt , too. How do I get rid of it? "..
This book, written from half personal experience, and half scholastic, will bring those hurting, or their caregivers/ family/ friends a deeper awareness of how to embrace the trials that we have in a journey of illness. Though the book is written from a Christian standpoint, it is , however, a book that speaks deep to the heart of anyone, Christian or not.
It drew me, as a reader, into the practical, honest, and heart rendering view of how best to deal with struggles that I have struggled with in the past, and gives me hope, to deal with struggles in the future - and it is with encouragement in Ms Wallaces' transparency, that I know I will make it day to day, with the steps of personal growth that I have found in between the two covers of this book. A book, difficult in the reason it was written, but so easy to read by the writing ease that Wendy Wallaces' style of writing takes her reader on.
The book was provided to me through the publisher, Discover House for review. I am writing my own thoughts, as they are, as I am under no obligation to post only positive remarks.

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