Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boy, oh Boy .. A 10 minute Quilt block?

I saw a tutorial on a 10 minute quilt block, that I knew I was destined to try. And true to it's word, the block took me 10 minutes... once I took 20 minutes trying to figure out one section of the block, with only 3 seams.. Yep, as the tutorial shows, it was just 3 seams.. and when all said , and done, it took me LESS than 10 minutes once I figured out what I needed to do..
Will it be a quilt pattern I will do often? Probably not, though I know I will do more baby donation quilts using it, since it is easy, and fast.. But it was kind of boring , which for someone like me who needs challenges in my quilting projects, it won't be done often.. But it was fun learning.. Heres a little boys quilt top, using the pattern called, "10 Minute Block "..

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Quiltingranny said...

I would love to do this in 10 minutes, I could make at least 4 a day for the local homeless in our area. Where did you find the instructions? Love the colors and fabrics you used!