Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shadow in Serenity

Terri Blackstock's book, Shadow in Serenity . captured my interest when I was approached to give an honest review of her re-written fiction novel. Having been one of her loyal readers for many years now, I jumped at the chance to read another book,not even on book shelves.
I went into reading with no bias as to her writing, or her previous books - I wanted to know the Terri Blackstock before I knew her as a christian fiction writer - so it was a stepping out to see how her early days of writing compared to today.. After getting into the first few chapters, I realize there is not really much difference in her style, but there was it seemed like in the story line, and how it captured certain aspects of living for some people ..

Carny Sullivan, was a young mother, who has been on the conning end of cheating people, as was her family. She knew the streets well, and could spot a" fake "a mile ( or 200 ) away . Thus, when Logan Bristow, came calling in Serenity, Texas , and bumping into Carny, ex con artist, and beloved member of the town, something was bound to happen to expose this man as the con he was.. if she had anything to do about it.
The book centers around Bristow trying to dupe the trusting members of the tiny town into falling for his flamboyant charm, as he was trying to woo them into doing what he wanted at the expense of their bank accounts.
Carny didn't buy it, and never would - she was to much in the know about how he, and others like her family , operated, and she wanted to expose him for what he truly was, a con artist.

This is a story that Ms Blackstock wrote that captured love, and hardship.. It will draw the reader from the place of falling innocently for this con, but also to the place of Grace, as Carny takes you on a journey through love and how God can turn even the most conning life totally around.

Just like the question I asked myself when reading the book, I wondered how Carny would make Logan be seen as he truly was, and in the end, still be seen as a man willing to change, or be changed.. Shadow in Serenity was a very decent read, and one I would share with others who like clean Christian fiction, with a " moral to the story".. I didn't take long to read it once I got into the mindset of the characters, and I found myself interjecting even my own life at times into the person of Logan - because can't we all be con artists before God at times? though He knows when we do that?
I read this book without any problems, and knowing it was my honest review that is needed, I gladly give a 4 thumbs up in Terri Blackstock's penning it.

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