Friday, December 17, 2010

A Travel Back in Time..

Living along the Oregon Trail, here in north eastern Oregon, I often see the ruts of old wagon trail from when settlers came this way to Oregon. Running through my town, it is a culinary delight to dream about the Oregon trail, and those that journied this direction.

In recieving a chosen book from, who only asks that I give an honest review, I was taken on another sort of historical journey as I read the book, " An Amish Love", by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Long..

This book, with it's simple, but descriptive cover, caught my attention with the " kapp" , othewise known as a prayer covering or cap".. In the historical sense of the Amish language, many words we "Englisch", or " non-Amish person" might not understand. Yet, in the preface of the book, are words with their definition to help the reader as you go along in each chapter, and story.
I am not one on reading much in the line of Amish history, yet this book of fiction was more than just a book to read.I found it enjoyable, captivating, and most of all , especially in the first of the three stories, a " REAL" and engaging story line where I was kept in wonderment as to how it would end..

I can say the other two stories were good, kept interest, and for the most part, stories of that time period that I would have commended anyone who traveled those time periods, for a job well done in spite of circumstances..

I do recommend this 3 story book of fiction to those who want a simple, yet heart captivating read.

Again, I am giving an honest review for

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